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Rockford Homes

“Five hundred twenty four people in church last Sunday,” he says with a chuckle. “It’s a personal thing; you quantify things. It’s good for background in buying land and figuring out the sewer lines and everything else. Even though we have engineers on-site, it helps to be an engineer to oversee everything.” Given how well […]

Rialto Homes

Spanning Venice’s Grand Canal, the Rialto Bridge stands any test of time. Built by the 16th-century architect and engineer, Antonio da Ponte, its two stone ramps rise drawbridge-like from each bank, connecting to a central portico in the middle with arched windows looking out at the historic city. Critics’ predictions of structural collapse proved, to […]

Red Red Wine Estates

On the north shores of Lake Travis situated at the western edge of Austin, Texas, a one-of-a-kind private resort worthy of fantasy is on the market. The brainchild of Mickey Redwine, a Texas entrepreneur, Red Red Wine Estates, aka Cala Zarca — “Light Blue Cove” in Spanish — is the ultimate exotic getaway. Redwine purchased […]

Rankin Development

A developer is responsible for bringing all pieces of the building puzzle together, expertly managing relationships with everyone from brokers and real-estate attorneys to contractors, architects, engineers, owners and tenants. A good developer brings all of these parties together to achieve a common goal that delivers quality construction and long-term investment value for clients. For […]

Rodgers Consulting

Founded in 1957, Rodgers Consulting has been offering leading land planning and engineering consulting services in the Washington, D.C., area for nearly 60 years. A specialist in town planning, urban design, development entitlements, site engineering and natural resource management with a focus on the private sector, the company takes a collaborative, fully integrated approach to […]

Refined Risk

Founded in 2008 by Hugh Molyneux and Terry Shane, Refined Risk provides intuitive software that inspires innovation in sustainability for the real estate sector. Through the development of performance measurement and real-time dashboards, Refined Risk creates the opportunity for real estate investors to make informed decisions in the areas of sustainability, insurance, environmental, occupational health […]


RoyOMartin is the brand name of Martin Companies L.L.C., a group of family-owned, professionally managed forest products and forestland management companies based in Alexandria, La. Founded in 1923 as Roy O. Martin Lumber Company, the organization began with a 6-foot, band-saw groundhog mill. Over 91 years, it would grow, literally and figuratively, to encompass 570,000 […]

Robertson Douglas Group Inc.

Jeffrey Dobrzynski founded the Robertson Douglas Group Inc. (RDG) in 1983 as a development and homebuilding firm based in central New Jersey. Dobrzynski and his team have built a business around quality and integrity, putting time and care into each and every home and development. Over the years, RDG has become a leader in the […]

Royal Oaks Homes LLC

Royal Oaks Homes LLC (Royal Oaks) focuses on quality design and construction for a wide range of homes. From starter homes to multimillion-dollar luxury residencies, the North Carolina-based general contractor is achieving incredible success in its industry. Rich Van Tassel founded the company in April 2002, and it has since taken off in the market […]

Rooker Company

Rooker Company (Rooker) is a full-service firm specializing in the design, development and construction of industrial projects. John W. Rooker founded Rooker in the 1960s as a small real estate developer, and added a design-build division in 1978. The past 40 years have done Rooker well, as the Tucker, Ga.-based company has grown into the […]



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