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SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies Inc.

Three Generations of Family-owned, Locally Operated Success

SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies Inc. (SGW) remains a local family-owned and -operated enterprise after three generations and almost 50 years. SG provides more than just a supply connection or the gamut of roofing supplies. By focusing exclusively on local markets, SGW’s experienced team of employees works directly with customers to ensure every order fits the specific application’s requirements and delivers the best value possible. The company strives to provide total service and support for customers, building trust and long-term mutually beneficial relationships.

“We have a tremendous sales force and we take pride in being locally owned and operated,” expands Jamie Glazer, vice president and general manager at SGW. “We’re out there every day shaking hands, meeting with new clients and maintaining the relationships we already have with customers.”

SGW maintains five locations across Southern California, with corporate headquarters located in Santa Ana, Calif. The SGW team consists of roughly 90 employees operating from additional branches in Vista, Spring Valley, Gardena and Costa Mesa, Calif.

SGW stocks and supplies a wide range of roofing and waterproofing materials suited for decks and both steep- and low-sloped roofs, as well as all the underlayment, insulation and fasteners required to build a dependable roof. Whether modern or traditional, SGW stocks a variety of products to suit a broad range of aesthetics and performance requirements. SGW supplies real cedar shingles, slate shingles and composite shingles, as well as metal roofing systems, concrete tiles, clay tiles, rock, granules, single-ply roofing membranes, APP, SBS, SA, built-up roofing and asphalt supplies.

Above all, SGW upholds the highest standards of quality by representing proven products from leading manufacturers, guaranteeing performance with the help of the team’s talented, tenured and experienced professionals. “The longevity of our employees sets us apart from our competitors,” asserts Glazer. “We are very fortunate to have many employees who have been with us for upward of 33 years.”

Educated, Informed Customer Service

In turn, SGW employees possess a comprehensive understanding of the roofing industry, as well as the gradual evolution of roofing techniques, products and industry legislation. This understanding enables the team to ensure the success of SGW’s clients, providing an extra layer of oversight to ensure contractors are fully equipped and informed to deliver on the manufacturer’s performance promises. SGW goes as far as to offer educational programming at each of its locations on a regular basis, informing clients and prospective customers through hands-on product demonstrations and classroom seminars.

“We’re not job oriented, we’re relationship oriented,” clarifies Glazer. “We believe that the healthier and more successful our clients are, the healthier and more successful we will be as well, which is why we’re always looking out for our clients’ best interests.” SGW’s management takes a particularly hands-on approach and oversees the company’s operations directly, without a tier or middle management. The structure ensures that SGW management forges close and personal relationships with clients and that the structure of SGW facilitates clear communication and a quick response to customer and manufacturer requests.

“We know almost all of, if not all of, our clients personally, and even our manufacturers appreciate the fact that when they have a question or a concern, that concern doesn’t have to travel all over the U.S. before being addressed,” adds Glazer.

The company also works with customers to address California Proposition 65 compliance, which requires businesses to disclose the presence of any harmful or hazardous chemicals to the consumer. The repercussions of noncompliance can be costly, even debilitating so. SGW works to ensure customers are informed of the risks and pursue compliance. The company maintains all of the necessary signage and labeling at its own locations and will work with customers to post similar warnings and notices where appropriate.

Looking Ahead

As a result, clients enlist the help of SGW for projects requiring extensive attention to detail. The company works with many homeowners associations across southern California on an on-going basis to supply proven products that homeowners can count on. SGW has also supplied roofing for many notable projects such as Disneyland, The Los Angeles Coliseum, Los Angeles County and Orange County Court Houses. In addition, countless housing authority jobs, thousands of homes for the United States Navy, Marine and Army bases throughout Southern California have also counted on SGW for reliable service and products.

SGW supplied roofing products for a project on San Clemente Island operated and owned by the U.S. Navy. “It’s a top-secret project so we weren’t informed of the details,” adds Glazer. “We just shipped the products on our own trailers to be picked up at the port.”

Additionally, the company takes pride in making the most of its longstanding ties to the Southern California community. SGW employees donate and volunteer for a variety of non-profit and chartable organizations in the area, including Habitat for humanity, the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach, the Hebrew Academy of Huntington Beach and the Laguna Beach Community Clinic. After Hurricane Katrina, SGW organized a fundraiser with the help of its contractor clients to raise money for the American Red Cross. “We decided to match their contributions dollar per dollar and helped raise over $30,000,” reflects Glazer.

SGW is also a proud member of NEMEON, a national buying cooperative, which allows SGW to buy effectively and compete with nationally based chain stores and cookie-cutter distributors. The company’s backing is continued through SGW’s customer’s appreciation and support of the company’s Buy Local campaign, which keeps the circulation of money local rather than shipping it off to other states where the super majority of our competition is headquartered. “Keeping the money in our community produces more jobs, extra tax revenue and more investment in commercial and residential districts and enhances support for local non-profits,” says Glazer. The combined enthusiasm has made SG Wholesale Roofing Supplies Inc. a cornerstone of the Southern California construction community.

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