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Power Corporation of America

Nationwide electrical infrastructure and maintenance services

Power Corporation of America (PCA) is a national electrical construction contractor specializing in infrastructure installation and maintenance. With a headquarters in Port Orange, Fla., the team of more than 400 managers, administrators and fieldworkers has two subsidiaries: Southeast Power Corporation (Southeast Power) and C and C Power Line Inc. (C&C). Southeast Power operates from three locations in Bastrop, Texas; Titusville, Fla.; as well as Spartanburg, S.C. Furthermore, C&C operates from two offices in Jacksonville, Fla., and Kansas City, Mo.

John Davis III, president of PCA, began his career more than 20 years ago in 1991, starting out as an electrician apprentice. Davis has been with PCA since 2009, starting out as the vice president of Southeast Power’s foundation division; he became COO of Southeast Power in 2011. In 2013, he was appointed president of Southeast Power. Davis takes great pride in the knowledge and capabilities of his employees and enjoys being part of a diverse group of companies.

Power Corporation of America

A unique business structure

PCA is established as a national electrical infrastructure contractor, the team has demonstrated broad capabilities within the field of utility construction across North America. “We construct and maintain power lines and substations all over the country,” Davis notes. “Southeast Power, with its nonunion workforce, performs construction and maintenance activities of power lines, substations, drilled pier foundations, as well as the installation and testing of fiber optic cable. C&C, with its union workforce, specializes in utility work, such as power lines, substations, drilled pier foundations, as well as the installation of fiber optic cable for electrical construction projects.”

The business’ target market includes: power companies, telecommunications companies and large ECPM firms, as well as government facilities and municipalities. Both businesses work all over the country, frequently traveling to new locations to complete complicated power projects safely, efficiently and on time.

“That’s really our niche,” Davis explains. “We have a solid reputation for taking on and completing challenging projects. We have the capabilities and the experience to perform well in that arena.”

Of course, when into one’s work, there is never a dull moment. “All of our projects are very important to us,” Davis states. “All of our work is either in the rural areas, which has to be cleared for new lines, or in metropolitan areas where it’s highly congested. There are always challenges and adversity to overcome in our line of work. The sizes of our electrical power line projects are usually measured in miles. We could be working on a line that is half a mile long or over 100 miles long.”

Powerful stuff

With diverse capabilities and a broad geographic footprint, through its subsidiaries PCA has been able to grow the business. “We have been fortunate,” Davis says. “Our work is spread out all over a large geographic area. Part of what has kept us holding steady has been our safety, experience and capabilities. We have a strong leadership team and a combination of union and nonunion personnel who have decades of industry experience under their belts.” With a large workforce PCA is able to perform nearly everything in-house, keeping expenditures to a minimum and maintaining high-quality standards.

The ability to maintain a high level of quality has been a huge factor in the business’ success over the years. More importantly, Davis notes, is the company’s safety program. PCA has a zero-incident accident prevention policy that holds every member of the company accountable for the safety of each worksite. This policy is centered on a genuine desire to eliminate individual injuries, occupational illness and harm to company equipment and property, as well to safeguard the general public. The program includes intensive training for management and employees, building a culture of safety.

Quality and safety make up two forks of the company’s trifecta of values. The final component is integrity, meaning that Davis and his colleagues strive to do business in a way that reflects positively on the company. Put simply, the team aims to complete projects on time and under budget. Whether working with either Southeast Power or C&C, clients can rest assured that the knowledgeable, honest contractor will lay out a proficient construction plan on each project and adhere to, or exceed, expectations.

Driven by a solid reputation within the power and utility industry, PCA is maintaining a trend of steady growth. According to Davis, the company has plans for expansion; the team is looking ahead to the ever-growing development and hardening of the electrical infrastructure system throughout the continental United States, with the newest projects coming down the pipeline for the next 10 to 15 years.

“All of our business has been steady and all of our locations are performing construction activities,” Davis continues. “In the coming years, we hope to continue on the same course and maintain a steady work flow.” Driven by strong principles of excellence, Power Corporation of America is on track to maintain steady growth in the coming years.

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