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Pace Windows & Doors Corp.

Custom solutions in upstate New York

From its headquarters in Victor, New York, Pace Windows & Doors Corp. (Pace) sells, installs manufactured custom windows and doors for home owners in the greater Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse areas.

Pace is celebrating its 30-year anniversary in 2015, and has become a staple in the upstate New York market – where homeowners rely on Pace’s quality products to keep existing homes warm during the cold winter months.

“We offer the highest quality manufactured products in our area and build our products with cold weather and durability in mind,” explains Steven Abramson, founder of Pace, who forges inroads with innovations in window technology. “Our goal is to be the best in our niche, which is restoration, so we do not do new builds. When a homeowner needs a new window or door, we want to be the company they turn to.”

Before founding the company in 1985, Steven had prior industry experience; working for Schlegel of Rochester, a manufacturer of weather stripping products. Turned down by the company’s management team on many of my ideas, Steven decided to create his own business model that has turned into what you see today.

“Upstate-Rochester people loved the product so much, that our Pace team then decided to expand the business,” Steven details. “Years later, we found ourselves with a hugely successful window company, focusing on building a team of qualified professionals and strategic alliance partners that would support the company’s growth.”

Today, the company employs over 40 team members.

“Without our outstanding partners and teammates – Jeff Bleecker, Michael Jordano, Giovanni Penna and Bradley Abramson – Pace would not be the successful and thriving business it is today,” Steven says. “This team runs the day to day operations of the business and allows me to do development work in my semi-retirement role.”

Pace Windows & Doors

Industry leader

Co-existing within the company’s manufacturing facility; Pace has its own research and development (R&D) lab, where Steven spends a majority of his time. “I am dedicated to continually testing and improving our products—allowing us to provide the most innovative and effective weather-proofing solutions to our customers,” Steven says. “The R&D lab not only benefits Pace, but the entire window and door industry as well. When we find a new solution, it helps all companies produce better products that create more efficient homes and buildings.”

As a forward-thinking industry leader, Pace has patented several innovative products over the years that have influenced the market and provided new technologies to better. In the late 1990s, the company introduced a patented ventilation latch and a micro-organism resistant pile weather-stripping product: Aller-Guard.

Among its more recent developments, Steven has created Zipper Pile. Zipper Pile, patented in 2013, is a revolutionary backing for weather stripping that is designed to be easier to install into vinyl extrusion, allowing for better overall product performance.

Steven formed another strategic partnership developing Polarized Films, which creates the effect of a shutter or mini-blind, without the necessity of an apparatus. The product utilizes two polarized films on two pieces of glass attached to a window system. When the glass panes are moved, the films either allow light in or provide shade.

“Developing new products has helped put Pace on the map and has differentiated us as a company,” explains Steven. “Each time we discover something new, it changes how people live in their homes—and vice versa. It’s a fascinating process and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store.”

Commitment to quality

Throughout the years, the company has completed large commercial window and door restorations throughout the upstate New York area, but primarily focuses on the average home restoration. Pace self-performs all product installations, allowing the company, and its clients, to be confident they have received the highest level of service; before, during and after the sale.

“From a mobile home to $1 million home, we treat all of our clients homes equally, “explains Steven. “We offer the highest quality manufactured products in our area and build our products with cold weather and durability in mind. Everything we do is catered to the consumer’s best interest. We are here to satisfy our customers – and we stick by our products.”

As a retail direct company that works exclusively with homeowners, Pace sells a wide array of products through its in home selling window and door experts.

Future growth

Dedicated to making a trustworthy name for his business, Steven has been a member of the Better Contractors Bureau, a New York-based consumer protection agency, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for all of the 30 years Pace has been in business. Additionally, Steve has been on the board of directors for the BBB for over 15 years. In 2009, the company won the BBB Torch Award, which honors businesses that demonstrate excellence in the marketplace.

While the economic downturn of 2008 affected businesses across all industries, Pace was able to rebound due to its diligence and good name. “We stayed on the field and kept playing,” says Steven. “We were able to keep busy during the recession, but didn’t see the growth we wanted. It’s much better now and things are moving in a positive direction.”

Although the company had previously advertised and had brand recognition in its area, in 2014, Pace created a strategic alliance with a New Jersey-based company that allowed it to employ unique and cost effective marketing campaigns–tremendously boosting the company’s growth. “Before, our ads were not structured or controlled,” explains Steven. “Our major weakness was that we couldn’t measure our return on investment and therefore has no real insights into what was working for us. This alliance has reflected major changes on our marketing strategy and has been working in our favor.”

Steven explains the challenges finding qualified staff for its current and future business growth, the company offers incentives and a safe, progressive work environment.

“Finding quality people is tough in this industry,” Steven says. “Our standards are high and we want the best, but in this day and age there is little motivation for people to be great carpenters. It’s a challenge and we have to work harder as a company to attract diligent craftsmen.”

With plans of geographic expansion and product development on the horizon, Steven and his team at Pace Windows & Doors Corp. are prepared to continue offering superior service and durable, attractive products to customers all over the region.

Published on: July 8, 2015

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