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Kenny’s Tile & Floor Covering Inc.: Reinforcing Service, Selection and Satisfaction

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Kenny Siebert founded Kenny’s Tile & Floor Covering Inc. (Kenny’s Tile) in 1954. After the Korean War, Kenny used a GI loan and a knack for hard work and networking to break into the regional homebuilder’s market. Kenny based Kenny’s Tile on a people-first philosophy, saying, “Treat your customers, suppliers and employees like family. Be honest in your words and business dealings, and have the integrity to do your best.”

Kenny has since passed on, but the family continues his legacy of fair business and unique flooring solutions at Kenny’s Tile facilities in Grandview, Mo. Kenny’s wife, Peggy, remains actively involved in the business, and is proud for Kenny’s legacy to live on through Kenny’s Tile. Tony, Kenny’s son and current president of Kenny’s Tile, is also happy to follow in his father’s footsteps. Kenny’s Tile’s team involves several children and grandchildren, as well. Sean Siebert, third-generation sales manager at Kenny’s Tile, feels fortunate for the opportunity to add his expertise to the team.

“I’ve been here for five years,” says Sean. “I always knew I’d be involved in the family business.” Growing up in the flooring family, Sean has been imbued with his grandfather’s dedication to customers and strategic partners. Additionally, Sean’s degree in finance from the University of Missouri-Columbia has added expertise to push the business end of Kenny’s Tile.

Structured for Longevity

Kenny would be proud of what his family has accomplished through passion and hard work. Kenny’s Tile has grown into the largest business in the Kansas City area. The team operates out of a single location, serving customers within a 60-mile radius of the city. All work is self-performed, lending the team quality control, direct communication and lasting relationships with customers.

The company works with a set network of suppliers, some of which Kenny’s Tile has done business with for decades. “Materials are a huge part of our operations,” says Sean. “In addition, maintaining relationships with suppliers is really important for us. A lot of that comes from out of the country, especially tiles and granite. We have the largest selection of flooring systems in the country right now.”

Purchasing, installation and design are all performed in house by a team of about 250 at the company. “We don’t subcontract anything out,” says Sean. “We’re self-performing tile, hardwood, carpet and granite installation and we have a leading service department. We import tiles and granite.”

The hard work of Kenny’s Tile doesn’t go unnoticed. The team has been involved with several high-end projects over the last six months, including a hardwood installation at Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals. “We did all new hardwood in the owner’s penthouse,” Sean elaborates. “Our niche is in high-end, custom floors, so we’re doing a lot of luxury homes that are more expensive.”

Kenny’s Tile offers more than just floors. Customers seek out the company’s services for a variety of interior solutions, including staircases, kitchen and bath fixtures and accessibility solutions. The company offers free estimates and package deals, bringing more to the table than other regional suppliers, as well.

Full service doesn’t stop at installation, either. A diverse service department offers small and large repair services for everything from carpets to swimming pools. Repairs, replacements and refinishing bring new life to surfaces, cutting back on replacement costs and even extending the life of a floor, counter or fixture.

Market Management

With the construction industry and housing market in a slump throughout the recession, Kenny’s Tile experienced some slow business. However, the team remains focused on quality, and while growth has slowed the company is staying afloat through lasting employee, customer and supplier relationships.

“We treat our employees as part of our family,” explains Sean. The positive atmosphere keeps the team focused and motivated. The sales team works together to seek out unique flooring solutions that fit current trends and offer lasting style and resistance to wear.

The market is starting to make a turnaround, and Sean and the team are already seeing an increase in volume. “Things are going really well in Kansas City right now,” explains Sean. “People are building things. They’re putting up houses. We’ve seen a general step in the right direction.”

With such a wide inventory and a reputation for quality service, Kenny’s Tile is positioned to scoop up many new projects in 2013. The company embraces quality control, cutting out the middleman wherever possible. By buying direct and self-performing design and installation, the company builds an understanding before starting a project of how the system will come together and what challenges to expect.

As the business prepares to celebrate its 60-year anniversary in 2014, Sean and the entire Siebert family, as well as Kenny’s Tile’s many employees, continue to focus on what the company does best. Service is the heart of the business, and the team continues to build relationships upon Kenny’s founding principles of hard work and honesty. To top it off, the company’s quality control is unmatched, making Kenny’s Tile and Floor Covering Inc. a leader in innovative and lasting floor systems regionally and across the country.

Published on: April 25, 2013

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