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James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc.

On the level for three decades

For more than 32 years, James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc. has been preserving and renovating structures, including historical landmarks, throughout Missouri and Illinois. Specializing in tuckpointing, water repellants, joint sealing, graffiti removal and brick cleaning, Staat Tuckpointing guarantees its workmanship.

Preserving with aplomb

Staat Tuckpointing was founded by James Staat in 1984 with the aim of becoming a one-stop source for air barriers and masonry work. More than three decades later, it’s largely achieved that aim.

James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc.

Staat Tuckpointing has found its niche in the renovation and preservation of historical landmarks, and it has become a leader in this field, it says, by providing work that is literally seamless—the trademark of quality tuckpointing and waterproofing.

To consistently deliver, the company tries to stay abreast of the latest technological developments in the industry, it says. This enables Staat Tuckpointing to stand out from the competition, providing products and technology with better protection and less required maintenance, which is lower cost for myriad clients.

Staat Tuckpointing maintains the ability to provide all of its design plans in digital format, which ensures easy access for architects and engineers.

Sturdy through the Recession

In overcoming tough economic times such as the Recession, businesses must achieve methods of innovation and diversity in order to generate revenue through avenues perhaps not previously traversed.

When the construction industry began to feel the quakes leading up to the housing market collapse, Staat Tuckpointing expanded its geographic footprint to make up for business soon to be lost closer to home. Once the hard times passed, branching out geographically was among the factors that allowed Staat Tuckpointing to double annual revenue since 2011.

Staat credits the success and longevity of his company to dedicated employees, not just thinking ahead.

James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc.

Finding those employees is as hard as making any wall plumb and watertight.

With the constant ebb and flow of work in the construction industry, many companies are challenges with finding and maintaining a quality workforce. And with baby boomers nearing the age of retirement and millennials entering the market, Staat Tuckpointing says it’s embracing the younger generation by offering a strong apprenticeship program. The company is also involved with local unions, where it has found luck in attracting talent.

More motivation for preservation

Staat says what drives Staat Tuckpointing employees towards peak performance is not just company policies. There’s also the desire to protect and restore the Midwest’s most beautiful and historic buildings, and to maintain heritage.

A notable project that Staat Tuckpointing was recently involved in was the Arcade Building at Webster University in St. Louis. Taking its name from a grandiose two-level shopping arcade that runs straight across the lot, the Arcade Building is the culmination of two buildings that were joined together approximately a century ago. It was one of the first indoor shopping malls in the U.S. and one of the tallest concrete structures in the world. The facility was designated as a city landmark in 1980 and was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2003.

James G. Staat Tuckpointing & Waterproofing Inc.

Due to its historic nature, much of the original gothic terra cotta moldings and other architectural features were restored. Some of the original windows in the arcade portion of the building also have been restored, such as those with advertisements for former businesses, including The St. Louis Wrestling Club and the St. Louis Ticket Office.

Being a family-owned company, Staat Tuckpointing takes pride contributing to the local community, further improving it for future generations.

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