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E. Tom Pyle Jr. & Associates, P.A.

A family tradition of design-build solutions

After serving in World War II, Edwin Thomas Pyle returned home to McPherson, Kansas, with the dream of starting a family and his own business. With the help of a loan from his father, Pyle built his first house in 1947 and E. Tom Pyle Jr. & Associates, P.A. (Pyle Construction) was born. Since that day, Pyle Construction has grown into a successful commercial and residential construction company with a reputation for quality, efficiency and integrity.

Shortly after building his first house, his wife gave birth to their son E. Tom Pyle Jr. (Tom), who eventually became involved in the family business. “When I was 10 years old I started washing dishes at the restaurant that my father and uncle owned,” says the younger Tom. “I would get out of school at 3:30 and work at the restaurant until I went to sleep.”

Eventually, he would become fully integrated into the construction business. “When I was 12 my dad had me start doing yard work and working with our mechanic doing maintenance on all the equipment,” explains Tom. “I learned to take engines apart and put them back together.” He continued his career with the family business and is now the owner of Pyle Construction.

A quality reputation

Over time, Pyle Construction has been able stand out from the competition due to efficiency and quality. The tone was set for this company standard when the elder Pyle built a house in a single day. “The foundations had been done but he framed it and completed it in one day,” says Tom. “He said that it was the hardest house to sell because no one believed that it could have been built well in that short amount of time. Dad refused to be called a fast builder again.”

Pyle Construction has established an impressive portfolio over the years. “We’ve done more than 550 churches, nearly 100 schools and more than 650 homes,” says Tom. “We’ve also done thousands of commercial buildings. If you go into almost any community throughout Kansas and the surrounding states, you’ll see a building that was done by Pyle Construction.”

A building completed by Pyle Construction is able to stand the test of time. The company takes measures to keep projects as maintenance-free as possible. Utilizing geo-thermal and energy-efficient design for many facilities, Pyle Construction has been able to trim utilities expenses for many clients. “This approach has been very beneficial to many of the churches we have done,” says Tom. “We’ve really been able to help them out with these designs. That’s what we set out to do. We strive to deliver more than what we charge for.”

One step ahead

Since 2008, the economic downturn in the United States has claimed its share of victims in the construction industry. Many thriving companies at the time were forced to downsize while thousands more shut down completely. Pyle Construction has continued to thrive through the recession due to standard business practices which create financial savings for its customers.

“We’re able to buy materials directly from the mills and manufacturers,” says Tom. “If an item might cost $8,000, we can usually get it for about $2,000. So that really adds to the quality that customers get for their money.”

Tom states that the greatest measures of success for his company are satisfied customers and repeat business. Oftentimes, Pyle Construction will complete a project and follow up years later by completing an addition to the facility. “We’ve had clients that we’ve worked with in the past that so were so pleased with us that when they’ve moved or opened a new location in a different city or even a different state, they’ve come back to us to complete the project,” says Tom. “They come to us because they have appreciated the great deals they received in terms of materials, quality and price. So many of our customers have made their dreams come true.”

Pyle Construction’s mission is to meet its client’s functional, aesthetic and budgetary needs. “We believe that giving a really good deal and providing the best quality is what has kept us going all these years,” says Tom. “This is how we have been able to be successful and have repeat customers. We meet our budgets.”

In the coming years, Pyle Construction will be expanding its market as another generation of the Pyle family leads the company into the future. Of Tom’s 14 children, one son is currently involved with the company. David Max Pyle is the president of Pyle Construction. “He’s out there hustling and getting all the new work for us,” says Tom, who has no plans to ever retire.

E. Tom Pyle Jr. & Associates, P.A. is an example of a company that places quality and integrity above all else. Pyle Construction’s proven track record is testament to the pride Tom and his colleagues take in the company name, and the care and appreciation for all clients.

Published on: July 8, 2015

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