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CIDAN Machinery

More than a century of innovation in the sheet metal industry

Founded in 1907, CIDAN Machinery is one of the oldest companies in the sheet metal industry. Originally founded in Sweden, CIDAN opened its first U.S. location in 2007 in Peachtree City, Georgia. With its expansion, the company continues to build upon a history and tradition of manufacturing high-quality sheet metal working machines for the metal roofing, architectural and industrial markets.

With its diverse product selection, CIDAN is a one-stop shop for the metal architectural industry. CIDAN is a worldwide company with a presence in Sweden, Denmark, China and the U.S. The research, development and production of CIDAN products continues to be conducted at the company’s head office in Sweden. With its Peachtree City-based office, the company covers the North and South American markets where it carries all CIDAN products as well as other leading manufacturers’ lines. The company also opened a location in Shanghai, China, in 2012.

CIDAN Machinery

“We work very diligently with our factory in Sweden to carry machines, parts and accessories in order to maintain a strong inventory,” says Adrien Saulais-Komosa, head of marketing for CIDAN. “This generates minimal wait times for our customers.”

State-of-the-art technology

CIDAN products have gained a reputation for being superior machines that last longer in the field than many other brands. The company has gained many customers due to its excellent service and support. “A lot of our customers have transitioned over to us after using other products,” says Saulais-Komosa. “Not only are they more satisfied with the equipment, but also with the communication, service and support they receive from us. That’s something that we pride ourselves on and an aspect that differentiates us from the competition.”

In addition to releasing new products, CIDAN is constantly revamping its product line to increase quality, efficiency and add new features. CIDAN is currently focused on the technological aspect of the industry and the mechanics of its machines. In its marketing strategies, the company is pushing the advancements of its products not only in the high-end metal architectural market, but also with all the different machines throughout its product line “We invest a lot of money in research and development,” says Saulais-Komosa. “We’re constantly adapting to the market and industry trends, which is a challenge because it’s a very fast and progressive industry.”

A new product that CIDAN recently released is the Pro Z up-down folding machine. Primarily targeted for industrial applications, the Pro Z model folds both upward and downward and eliminates the need for an operator to flip the material. This provides excellent opportunities for time-efficient folding of complex details with one operator. “We launched it at FABTECH last year and there was a lot of interest in it,” shares Saulais-Komosa. “People are really looking for efficiency in machines.”

An example of this approach is the new features being added to the TD Double Folder, which CIDAN carries as part of its Thalmann product line. The product now features a new geometric design that allows the user a broader range of work space. “This makes it easier to fit into tighter corners,” says Chandler Barden, national sales manager for CIDAN. “It also features a new integrated sheet support system, which allows for larger materials to be loaded onto and fed into the machine.” Another innovation is the double-pump design for the machine’s hydraulic system, which enables the TD Double Folder to run approximately 30 percent faster than it could prior to the new design.

Major improvements have also been made to the Thalmann single Longfolder. The company now features a completely new model of this product, the TZ Longfolder, which features a new style of clamp and hydraulic system that increases pressure and creates a more accurate fold. “It’s also a heavier machine,” says Barden. “The upper and folding beams are thicker making the overall machine much more robust.”

CIDAN also carries Forstner machines, which is a line of coil processing products. “The people at Forstner are experts in coil processing,” says Barden. “They make a very high-quality, high- production machine.”

The KA6 series that CIDAN offers is a massive all-in-one device that includes straightening, slitting and cut-to-length systems designed to take the coil set out of various thicknesses of material. The KA6 maintains a capacity of three slits of 16ga (1.5mm) or five slits of 20ga (1mm) mild steel. Customers also have the option to upgrade and add a recoiling system to the KA series.

As a company that has been in business for nearly 110 years, CIDAN remains a progressive-thinking, innovation-minded firm. The market share that the company holds in the industry has been built on quality and service and will continue to grow based on these principles.

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