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ASONS Construction Inc.

Repair and maintenance done right

Carolyn Thompson and her son Jeff Thompson first came up with the idea for ASONS Construction Inc. (ASONS) back in early 1999. Carolyn and Jeff had purchased a foreclosed home and realized there were a lot of maintenance and repairs that needed to occur and no one was there to take care of it.

“Once Carolyn and Jeff got started they soon realized they had a good opportunity to start a business taking trash out of homes and performing repairs and preservation activities,” details Steve Helser, CEO of ASONS. “Carolyn contacted Milan Thompson to help start the business and the company was launched from there.”

What started as a company focused solely on foreclosures and preservation grew into construction, as well.

Milan, now chairman of the board at ASONS, was the previous CEO of the company and proved himself to be a tremendous asset. “Milan has been a great mentor and a great leader,” Steve explains. “He’s really driven the foundation and built the core team over the past years. If it wasn’t for his efforts, the company wouldn’t be in the position it’s in now to grow and expand.”

The ASONS Advantage

Some of the efforts made toward creating company efficiency would be the compilation of tools known as The ASONS Advantage. The ASONS Advantage is aimed at driving operational excellence across the business the team serves. With The ASONS Advantage, customer value and competitive edge will be significantly improved by leveraging ASONS proven process improvement toolkit, eight points of success and the company’s certified, licensed, diverse and extensive contractor base to provide customized, rapid and high-quality services to clients.

“Across ASONS, we pride ourselves on driving rigor, operational excellence and enhanced customer value through a six sigma-based eight point business platform, which was developed by ASONS,” details Steve. “The ASONS Advantage voice of the customer is a process where ASONS designs services to fit client needs, partnering with the client’s organization to achieve their goals and objectives, and move where they intend to go both efficiently and effectively while providing the client with operational efficiencies and reductions in their operating costs.”

From the beginning of the company, the eight points of success has provided a core platform for company success, these eight points include: attitude, sense of urgency, problem solving, multi-tasking, communication, cross-training, teamwork and attendance.

The six sigma certification program runs from the CEO down throughout the company and encourages the employees to strive to delight the customers and relentlessly look for new ways remove waste from the process and exceed expectations. These integrated methods provide a customized offering for the client that is key to what they actually need. “The client gets what they want and how they want it at a reasonable cost,” Steve states.

Dedicated and efficient

To run a successful company, a business needs to have employees and contractors that are as dedicated to the work that is being done as the owners themselves. At ASONS, the employees have an excitement and an energy that is brought to the company. According to Steve, ASONS’ contractors are treated as partners

“They have a vested interest,” Steve explains. “Employees have the authority and empowerment to make decisions to satisfy the client, which includes financial decisions, etc. Contractors are paid daily, after each job is finished and quality checked a direct deposit is sent to their bank account the next day. There is no hold back or waiting for pay. Contractors are extremely happy with this and have truly partner with ASONS to deliver that unexpected value to our clients time and time again.”

Allowing ASONS employees to have a vested interest in the company and giving each individual the ability to control that level of input or ownership makes them love what they do.

“Empowering employees to make decisions to fulfill the client expectations and/or delight the client, gives ASONS that buy in and earns our team members excitement,” Steve says.

ASONS has an extremely extensive list of services offered, some of the services include hotel repair and maintenance, commercial facilities services, retail repair and maintenance, residential services, rental turns, construction services and government facilities management.

“We’re doing repair and maintenance for large Residential Rental REITS, small to medium rental investors and commercial and hotel repair, maintenance and construction renovation,” Steve informs.

The company has expanded its reach to all across the United States and Puerto Rico. Steve explains the company has managed to expand its business on a monumental scale. “Our work has been very well received and our pricing is streamlined due to our constant process improvement,” he details. “We have four six sigma black belts and they go in and take waste out of the system and ensure that Total Quality Management [TQM] is embedded in our processes.”

The company is then able to take that savings and pass it along to its clients.

Continued support

As far as the future is concerned, Steve sees growth in the future. “We will continue to support our clients and cater to their needs,” he clarifies. “We implemented the voice of the customer that gives us the chance to listen to what the client really needs.”

Using the voice of the customer, the client is able to design their own services based on specific needs and requirements. “We will continue to grow that process and provide more transparency for our customers, as well as expanding our technology in order to support them,” Steve details.

ASONS provides clients with an extensive list of services backed by a solid moral foundation that demonstrates the team’s compassion and brilliancy. ASONS Construction Inc. is well on track for a strong and steady 2015.

Published on: June 11, 2015

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