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Artisent Floors

Building a flooring business upon clients' foundation

As a family-run and -operated company, Artisent Floors believes in its ability to remain 100 percent homegrown and organic. Barry Griffith, president and founder, attributes the company’s success to the employees who have been brought in over the years.

“We hire great people,” Barry says proudly. “We have a unique way of doing things in which we hire people without experience and teach them our simple business.” This strategy allows employees to understand the potential of the company and appreciate the work within it.

Barry had a simple start to his career. “I started in 1980 as a carpet cleaner and in 1992 I began selling carpets,” he details. The company opened up its first store in 2010 out in Memphis, Tennessee, and from there the locations began to multiply. Artisent Floors now has stores in Jackson, Mississippi; Little Rock, Arkansas; and Omaha, Nebraska, as well as numerous other locations.

“We hope to add two stores a year,” details Barry. “That’s the goal.” The Memphis location is the only retail store owned by the company, otherwise, Artisent Floors specializes in multifamily work and new construction projects.

Clients, community and success

A lot of the company’s business is through its repeat clients. One of the larger projects that Artisent Floors is currently working on is the Memphis Grizzlies Fed Ex forum, which the company has also done previous work for.

“We are their official flooring partners,” Barry details. “We’re currently in the process of redoing their flooring.” The project involves Artisent Floors redoing every floor, which will take a couple of years to finish.

Furthermore, Artisent Floors is also very community-oriented. The company helps out with the local charities, schools and various other businesses in the community.

The company has had amazing success in recent years. “In the last five years our sales have increased over 1,000 percent and our employee base has grown from six employees to around 45 employees,” Barry details.

It is evident that Artisent Floors is pressing forward with confidence. Barry’s sons, Alex and Jake Griffith, COO and CFO, respectively, are proud to join their father’s legacy. Alex and Jake have contributed to the company’s success through their dynamic teamwork and educational background.

“Jake has written about 15 or 20 computer programs that have solved a lot of problems,” Barry explains proudly. “He can write a program for any problem that you have.”

However, Barry possesses a double-threat; as both sons have had a remarkable impact on the company. “Alex is the visionary dealmaker, while Jake is the number cruncher,” Barry adds. “They work together perfectly and complement each other very well.”

In store for the future

As far as the future is concerned, Barry remains tight-lipped. “I can’t divulge too much, but we have a few products coming out that are going to change some things,” he details.

However, there are a few secrets that Barry does unveil and that entail how the company has become successful and well-respected over the years. “We treat people the way they are supposed to be treated,” he elaborates. Treating customer’s kindly throughout the years has led to over 30 years of business without complaints. “We want to be an asset to our community; we work hard and donate to a lot of local ministries here in Memphis,” he adds.

Barry explains that his staff is one of the greatest things he enjoys about the company. “People ask me all of the time how I get such good people,” he says with a smile. “It’s easy; I use my children.” According to Barry, Artisent Floors’ employees have been around for years and have a developed a bond that has made for a great team.


In the next five years, Barry hopes to triple his business. “Teamwork and great people can make great things happen,” he says. What started as a small company, built by Barry, has evolved into a stable and successful business that will only continue to grow. The multifamily business is moving fast and Artisent Floors is the right company to get the work done quickly and efficiently.

Artisent Floors’ focus on multifamily work is an area of expertise longstanding and unique to the company. “I’ve been specializing in multifamily work since I was 22 years old,” says Barry; he saw the benefits to the specialty and never got out of the work. “I weighed it all up and it seemed like the better deal,” he continues.

The company works on all avenues for multifamily properties, including replacement, new construction and renovation, as well as providing design help for properties looking for more stylish and suitable floorings. Together, Barry, Alex and Jake ensure that everything the team does, and how Artisent Floors does it, will make multifamily properties operate more efficiently and become more profitable. 

Published on: April 7, 2015

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